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Video content is one if the easiest ways to communicate your value to consumers - we all know this by now.

They can be used all across the consumer journey for awareness, direct conversions, assist to a conversion, or general brand building. But rarely can one video message achieve all of these goals. And even if it achieves one of these goals, it’s shelf life of that video is usually short.

But those other videos that didn’t achieve their goals, are you sure failed? How do you know they failed? Were they deployed correctly? Was it the right message to the wrong person? Is something off in the video itself? Can they be repurposed or do you need to invest in another expensive production?

What’s challenging with creating videos is that they are an investment of budget and time and it’s hard to communicate everything you want to say in 30-120 seconds.

And as the consumer journey is getting more and more detailed it’s important to say the right thing to the right person at the right moment to generate that conversion.

For many brands this is expensive, time-consuming, and at the end the day when you’re CEO asks how this affected the final sale you can’t say how with certainty. Until now...

Our Video Marketing Services

EO Digital Marketing’s video marketing service is designed to track, edit, and optimize your existing videos for effectiveness across the consumer’s journey.

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