Recovery is an ultra competitive industry and marketing your differentiators is the key to growing your business. Ensuring that people find your name when they need you is the cornerstone to success. Past this, what makes you special is unique and so is the method to attract the best clients for your treatment center.

EverythingOnline has build a suite of products to address the marketing needs each treatment needs to compete in today’s marketplace.


1. Own Your Brand

Most Companies Don’t Rank for Their Brand Name.

Most treatment facilities were built on referrals from the local recovery market. In today’s world we pass referrals by saying, “Go to” or “Find them on Google they’re in Newport Beach”. But what happens if there is a world class physical therapy center with the same name in the same town? Will that referral find you? Or will they get distracted and stumble to a competitor?

2. Fill Beds

Maximize Your Census.

Everybody needs admits and the truth is, you need a pipeline of them. Highly strategic, national pay-per-click campaigns are the most effective way to present yourself at the moment of need for so many families across the United States. With an approach that focuses on minimizing your media buy and resilient lead quality control to deliver the lowest possible cost per acquisition.

3. Create Outpatient Awareness

Find People That Need You in Your Local Community.

Most people don’t know of the recovery resources in their local area until they need you. By this point, you may have already missed your opportunity to a center out of town. Many people in recovery don’t have the resources for Residential IOP or can’t afford to leave their home for 90+ days. But chances are, they don’t know you’re down the street. Building awareness of your very existence in proximity to the local community is guaranteed to bare fruit – and sometimes at a fraction of the cost as other clients.
Outpatient awareness campaigns have the ability to directly attract the niche you cater to better than anyone else. Targeting parents of failure to launch children, the LGBT community, or working professionals desiring a discreet and luxury rehab facility is simpler than ever.

4. National SEO branding

Dominate the Search Results.

Becoming a nationally recognized solution in the treatment industry is not easy, but it is very lucrative. When your treatment center is ready to be on the national stage EO can get to rank across the board for treatment searches.

5. Local Detox Exposure

Be Found When Then Need You.

When people look for the closest place to detox, it’s critical that your facility be found on the local maps section with positive reviews in the towns you service. It’s not rocket science, it’s more like marketing science.

The digital marketing solutions for treatment centers above are offered in a la carte and comprehensive packages depending on your goals. EverythingOnline has the expertise you need—to build your brand, to fill your beds, and to generate serious revenues. Learn more by talking to us today about your vision to grow your center.