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Amazon vs. Search: The Retailer’s Dilemma

Amazon vs. Search: The Retailer’s Dilemma

Online retailers face a fundamental conundrum in how they are to allocate their marketing resources: Is it best to sink everything into Amazon, or is a more varied search strategy recommended? There are three basic questions you can use to […]

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Evolution of CMO [Infographic]

Evolution of CMO Infographic

The role of marketing has expanded dramatically over the years—and thus, so has the role of the CMO. Here’s what the marketing leader’s job has looked like over the decades, and a hint of where it is headed next. Evolution […]

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4 Ways to Use Visual Content to Enhance Buyers’ Journey

4 Ways to Use Visual Content to Enhance Buyers' Journey

One of the great opportunities of digital marketing is that it allows brands to interact with buyers at each stage of the consumer journey. You can reach out to buyers who encountered your brand earlier in their research process, pushing […]

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As FBI Crackdowns Increase, It’s Vital for Treatment Centers to Protect Their Brand Name

FBI Crackdowns Increase

Multiple southern California drug and alcohol treatment centers have seen legal action taken against them in the last few months. Right or wrong as each case may be, it’s now absolutely vital for everyone in the treatment industry to bulletproof […]

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What REALLY Moves the Needle in Digital Marketing?

What REALLY Moves the Needle in Digital Marketing

There are countless tools, platforms, and channels for growing your brand on and more of them being rolled out every day. Keeping up with the latest trends in social media, reputation management, and SEO is tough even for experts. To […]

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Online Reputation Management, and Why You Need to Own Your Brand

Online Reputation Management

A brand is not just your business name. It’s not just your logo, either, nor is it the colors and fonts and taglines you use in your marketing collateral. Ultimately, a brand is all about consumer perceptions: What do people […]

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