EO Digital has a suite of solutions to help Franchises and multiple location businesses expand their brand’s voice and market to local target markets. Our approach of promoting your brand’s voice and reach while offering flexibility in the tools used in independent markets to succeed.

Centralize all Tech - Organize Your Digital Footprint for Long-term Success

Website management for franchises and multi-location business is often the act of defragmenting an existing infrastructure and pivot it into a streamlined ecosystem that strengthens the brand’s voice and passes brand lift to local markets. An organized website management program is the cornerstone to develop accurate reporting systems and online reputation management.

Market Your Brand Name and Map Visibility with Online Reputation Management & LSEO

Though separate objectives, the same tactics can benefit both efforts. Ensuring every webpage includes the exact Business Name, Office Address(es), Phone Number and Email Address, and the correct Web Address helps determine local search rankings and helps improve the rankings of your existing properties. This becomes the launching pad to increase brand search click throughs to your website, increase reviews, control negative content, and leverage your brand value over competitors.

Make Better Decisions with Stronger Reporting & Analytics

Managing multiple operations requires accurate reports that answer strategic questions. Statistics can illustrate multiple scenarios but reporting designed to measure key metrics on a global scale as well as drill down into individual markets to customize hyper local strategies to increase same store sales is gold.

Increase Local Search Traffic with Technical SEO & Content Marketing

The goal of all search engine optimization services is to increase organic traffic to your website. Increasing organic traffic to your website starts with the science of optimizing your code to help search engines associate your website with the right keyword intent. Then content marketing comes into to engage with the humans who are looking for your expertise to improve their lives. Our strategies can help your brand organize your tech to find the right customers looking for your services and nurturing them into consumers.

Lead Generation using Pay Per Click Marketing

PPC Marketing is the most effective way for small businesses to connect with target customers. The pay per click model has spread to every channel where local consumers search for information - Google, Bing, Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn - and it’s a guaranteed way to be seen by the right people at the right time to generate a qualified lead.

Our Lead Quality systems were designed to reduce excess media spend and to maximize leads from customers in your target market ready to take action. It’s not your typical PPC system, but a fixed fee approach designed to minimize investment and maximize returns.

Expand Reach with Social PPC and Your Existing Audience

The most valuable marketing tool local and franchise businesses have is there loyal customer base. They already trust you and believe in your brand. Leveraging your existing relationships through appropriate social networks is an easy way to ramp up trust with new customers.

Pay Per Click marketing has become the chosen platform among social networks to generate revenue. Facebook and Instagram, YouTube, Snap, Twitter, and LinkedIn all have PPC opportunities for businesses to engage with consumers. But Social PPC goes farther much farther than engagement and helps markets nurture consumers from awareness to conversion to advocacy.

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