EverythingOnline Launches Dynamic Guide to Key Digital Marketing Terms

Posted by on December 9, 2017

EverythingOnline Launches Dynamic Guide to Key Digital Marketing TermsAs with any highly technical field, digital marketing can sometimes seem a bit dense with jargon. Those who are new to the field may struggle to understand the distinction between CPC and CPA, or wonder about the nebulous definition of an online conversion. To aid in understanding, EverythingOnline has proudly assembled a new glossary of key digital marketing terms—and we look forward to expanding it in the days to come.

About Our Digital Marketing Glossary

There are so many digital marketing terms to know, and at times it can be a challenge to land on a consensus definition. That’s why we put our digital marketing glossary into place. In it, you’ll find an ever-expanding list of terms—assembled alphabetically—with brief, clear definitions. We’re not trying to bog anyone down with all the little nuances of each term; we just want to provide a basic sense of what these digital marketing terms are, and how they fit into the big picture.

What’s Included in the Digital Marketing Glossary?

Digital marketing is admittedly a wide, inclusive field, and our list of digital marketing vocabulary words is similarly rich and wide-ranging. Some of the terms we define here fall into these basic categories:

  • Web design and Web development terms
  • PPC terms
  • Content marketing and user experience terms
  • SEO terms
  • General terms about digital marketing—including email marketing, landing pages, blogging, etc.

The bottom line: We intend this to be a guide you can refer back to any time you need it, and as such, we’ll be expanding it on a regular basis. In fact, if there are any digital marketing terms that have always thrown you for a loop, we invite you to send them in, and we’ll take a swing at defining them!

Digital Marketing Terms from EverythingOnline

EverythingOnline is a leading name in SEO, PPC, and digital marketing more generally. Our firm is located in Orange County, and we’re known for taking a data-backed, no-nonsense approach. We’re never interested in wowing anyone with meaningless fluff. We just want to get results on our clients’ behalf—and we’re quite good at it!

Our attention to detail, combined with our love of data, makes us uniquely qualified to author the definitive digital marketing glossary. We hope you’ll find it to be useful—and we hope you’ll check back in regularly!