Analytics & CRO

It is often said that doing digital marketing without the proper analytics is like flying blind. Having access to up-to-date data is certainly critical for informing your marketing decisions, but it’s not enough to just have the data. You also need to interpret it, and to draw the right implications. EverythingOnline can assist you in every step of the analytics process—setting up the right analytic dashboards, defining key metrics, generating reports, and digesting what those reports say. With our guidance, you can see for yourself what kinds of results your digital marketing gets—and make course corrections as needed.

Analytics and tracking are a big part of what we do at EverythingOnline. Our passion is for helping our clients improve their bottom line. That means doing things that work and jettisoning the things that don’t—but how do you know which is which? And how can you tell that you’re really getting a return on your investment? The answer, in both cases, is analytics—and we invite you to learn more about our approach to this important field.